Compliance, Convenience and Customer Experience During and After Covid-19


Are you ready to serve your customers and protect your employees?


Mystery Shopping and Auditing.


As we restart the biggest disruption to retail, hospitality, and transportation that we have ever experienced how ready are you for the restart and a potential influx of customers and guests? Are your procedures being implemented as they should be? Are staff knowledgeable, trained and feeling comfortable?

Cleaning and disinfection procedures, in excess of the previous norms, are likely to form part of the range of measures required in a restart process. So too will be required protocol around customer service, social distancing, and information dissemination to guests in a respectful and empathetic way.

Covert Audits/Mystery Visits can measure the total customer journey from start to finish covering all points of contact and provide you with essential feedback for ongoing coaching and training of your staff at all levels. New practices and procedures take time to become part of an organization’s DNA; oftentimes, monitoring, coaching and deliberate practice is the only way to expedite this process.

All programs may be customized in design and metrics, plus both compliance to regulations and the entire customer experience may be monitored, providing essential feedback on both. These solutions are applicable to all brick and mortar locations – here is an example from the restaurant sector:   

  • Are staff wearing face coverings – wait and bus staff?
  • Are glove wearing policies being adhered to?
  • Condiments wiped down in front of guests and/or single serve brought to the table?
  • Social distancing throughout the restaurant being followed correctly? Guests being reminded of the need to maintain distance politely?

  • Are “hotspots” that require attention being monitored?
  • Are cleaning procedures in place and being adhered to with correct frequency?
  • What about COVID safety signage? Is it in place and not damaged?