Design and Analytics

Challenge: A Mystery Shopping Agency was asked by their client to re-design a yearly program so that it was more robust and representative of the fragmented pet food market; the risk for the agency was losing a client of ten years through a change in management that seemed more demanding.

Solution: Many years of both market research and mystery shopping experience combined meant that I was able to bring both sets of expertise to bear in designing and then consulting on the findings of a more complex and sophisticated program.

Result: The client was able to diagnose more precisely strengths and weaknesses compared to their main competition; business  improved, and the project continued the following year.

Deep Dive Qual to Enable Change

Challenge: A large regional landscaping company needed to “start from scratch” and truly understand drivers of choice and reasons for defection versus their competition. If business didn’t improve, they would not have the budget dollars to continue with their current research activities.

Solution: A deep understanding of Customer experience research and qualitative techniques meant that I was able to delver and end-to-end solution where I designed the program, conducted focus groups and IDIs and delivered on the results.

Result: The client was able to make some immediate actions and create a longer strategic plan on the basis of the findings and at the same time was able to continue with yearly research programs as revenue improved.

Conversion and Traffic

Mystery shopping & NPS correlations…simple yet powerful actions
It’s not just the numbers

Retail…changing behaviors that matter
It’s not just the numbers